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Apple представила «безрамочный» iPhone X


Первый iPhone был показан публике в 2007 year. Тогда Стив Джобс, основатель Apple и главный идеолог проекта, описывал устройство как “плеер iPod, интернет-коммуникатор и телефон в одном корпусе”. С тех пор много чего изменилось как в идеологии, так и в самих iPhone.

Нынешние айфоны – мощнейшие компьютеры. Но не отстают и конкуренты – китайские и южнокорейские производители. Мир покоряет новая мода на большой дисплей от края до края и тонкие рамки вокруг него – или вообще их отсутствие. LG G6, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix – вот те немногие, с кем будет тягаться новый смартфон Apple. Чем флагманский iPhone может ответить?

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В ожидании iPhone 7: Apple сегодня представит новинки


Компания Apple представит новый iPhone 7. Презентация состоится в среду, 7 September 20:00 по московскому времени в Сан-Франциско (California).

Приглашения на презентацию нового «яблочного» гаджета получили около 300 man, в то время как остальные поклонники продуктов от Apple смогут наблюдать трансляцию в сети. It is assumed, что помимо iPhone 7 также будут представлены новое поколение MacBook Pro 2016 и «умные» часы Apple Watch 2.

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Apple Watch vs Moto 360


Motion 360 и Apple Watch: perhaps, hard to find smart watches, which would attract the attention of users to a greater extent. And users will have to choose between these devaysa. It is unlikely that many will want to wear at the same time and they both. Motion 360 - First round smart watch. Whether they are inferior Apple Watch? Each of the above hours of work on the basis of its operating system. Wearable Soup from Motorola requires smartphone based on Android, and hours of Apple's iPhone can not do without. It is important not to forget, that modern smart watches are only auxiliary devaysa towards phones. Apple Watch and clock based on Android Wear comparable with each other. At each platform has its advantages over rival.

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Videotutorial ultrafast charge iPhone


Edition of Business Insider published video instructions, which lists ways to increase the speed of charging iPhone. According to the experts, charging time affect several factors.

First of all, The authors recommend to include video “aircraft” mode on the iPhone. It consumes less power unit, as disconnected from all networks, and related services temporarily complete their work. The result is faster charging.

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PixelPhone PRO


Smartphones running the Android operating system today is a truly versatile tool for work with a wide variety of applications and solutions widest range of applications. Nonetheless, main, fundamental purpose of smartphones continue to be calls.

That is why the application for making calls today are among the most popular, and developers continue their improvement. Interestingly, Many third-party software solutions have significantly outpaced the standard "dialer", used by manufacturers of smartphones, which are also trying to develop their applications.

One of the most popular call manager for the Android platform is considered to be an application PixelPhone PRO. The solution has an extremely flexible interface, able to satisfy any desire to set up.

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eWeather HD, Radar HD, Alerts


eWeather HD – this application, which allows you to plan your trip, hiking, picnics, travel and just stay outdoors literally by the hour, providing accurate and detailed weather forecast worldwide. For the convenience of browsing the program has its own widgets for Android. Moreover, the data, which are displayed in the widget, you can specify your own. For Example, the application can display the widget on the current weather and the forecast for the next few days, or display information about weather conditions in several localities. It is worth noting, by the way, that the program is working closely with quite a geolocation services and can automatically switch settlements on the main screen according to your movements.

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