The Survivor: Rusty Forest


The Survivor Rusty Forest – one of the most popular games of survival, which offers you to try on the role of man, forced to save his life in the world, the entire population of which destroy the zombies virusom.Igra The Survivor Rusty Forest is another parody of the popular game «Rust», but from all other attempts of its reincarnation it differs original game mechanics.

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Dragon Mania Legends


Games, devoted to the cultivation of the Dragon, in the App Store recently have produced quite a few. But what to do, it's exciting!

Endless popularity DragonVale from Backflip Studios has inspired many developers to create multiple clones of this game. Gameloft also not left behind and released his own version - Dragon Mania Legends. And I must say, What happened with them very worthy.

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Gummy Drop!


Like puzzle games three in a row? In this case,, look at the Gummy Drop for Android mobile devices. It's pretty sweet fun, because here sweetie literally fall on your head!

This is not exactly a simple puzzle to match. Here you can also play the architect, who travels the world and builds real wonders of the world.

Puzzle is made up of sweets and treats, that give you the necessary materials for the recovery of the world map. From level to level the difficulty increases. And crunch candy will be harder.

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BADLAND – atmospheric adventure action platformer, marked by numerous awards. Playing as a bird on the android has never been this much fun! The new part of Badland - this is the best platformer, existing in the Market! The main character - not the Hedgehog, but the bird. Small unknown creature has small wings, which can cut the air and tear off her chubby carcass from the ground. On it and tied the whole point of the game. Although, that looks like the gameplay is pretty simple - make no mistake! Ahead of us waiting for more than eight dozen levels with obstacles of varying complexity, who still have time to play on our nerves.

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Crossy Road


Hello, children! In Google Play, there are hundreds of endless arcades, that you like as well as zavlekut, but not for long. А помните Flappy Bird, in which we could get stuck for hours every day? The game had oshelomlitelny success. Today I'll tell you about a recent game on Android - Crossy Road, which is getting higher and higher rises in the tops Google Play. Here we go

The phrase «Crossy Road» comes from the Cross Road, that English means "cross the road", we have little hints, that will be of a gameplay. In fact, it's true - we will have to cross the road for a certain character.

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The long-awaited heir Sports Car Challenge – SCC2


Elite race on mobile devices move to the second stage with a new Sports Car Challenge 2 of the Volkswagen Group (China) and Fishlabs. Manage 14th exclusive supercars from such internationally known brands as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche and Volkswagen. Enjoy photo-realistic 3D graphics and incredible detail. Show your abilities on asphalt in three exciting game modes and enter the top of the best players in the world. Fill in the trophy room at winning dozens of challenging achievements!

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