Heroes of Might & Magic III HD


Ubisoft has at the end of last year reported, that it plans to release a version of the game Heroes of Might & Magic III in high resolution. Recall, this game in the genre of turn-based strategy was first published in January 1999 year and became a cult. As expected, today, 29 January, graduation of HD-version of the game, which was called “Might and Magic. Heroes III: Restoration of Erathia. HD Edition”. According to the creators of the game, Fifteen years later, fans “Heroes” will meet again with the Queen Catherine Ironfist, which should unite the peoples of their homeland, war-torn, and to regain the kingdom of Erathia.

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Dragon Mania Legends


Games, devoted to the cultivation of the Dragon, in the App Store recently have produced quite a few. But what to do, it's exciting!

Endless popularity DragonVale from Backflip Studios has inspired many developers to create multiple clones of this game. Gameloft also not left behind and released his own version - Dragon Mania Legends. And I must say, What happened with them very worthy.

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SimCity Buildit


In early December, 2014 year in the app store Google Play was released long-awaited simulator SimCity BuildIt, immediately attracted attention with its impressive graphics and gameplay. His ulterior motive was named the best in its genre. And now tell, how come.

First, what you should pay attention - this is 3D-graphics. Every detail of the game perfectly legible even when approaching no errors. Curiously, that the camera can be rotated in the game at all 360 degrees, which is very convenient.

The game is quite an elaborate system of rewards, providing a nice bonus and experience for building buildings. In this case, the latter should be not only residential, and production, and utilities. Each of the building gives certain advantages in passing.

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape


Surely every Internet user tried to play the game farm, and this time for the phone there was something new. The game is completely free and if you have nothing to take half an hour of free time on my way to work, it will be a great rural retreat output. But an internet connection to complete the game do not need to, and you are presented with a chance, reside in their own farmer's paradise.

Find rare items and grow vegetables, by which the book will be created new recipes. But that was not boring, you can equip your farm as you want. Decorate your house is small and cozy different collectibles. You will have even a small pond, where you can raise fish and many other animals. For the decorations throughout the territory can build gardens with different colors and interior.

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