Real Drift Car Racing


In Real Drift Car Racing Free on Android played by millions of people across the planet. The game is captivating high-level graphics, excellent simulation on mobile devices, easy control thanks to the integrated Game Helper.

Participating in races, you'll need to achieve maximum results only passing certain sections of the route for a certain period of time. Points are awarded for the angle of drift, as well as the passage between the walls and overcome various obstacles. Moving forward on several colorfully decorated 3D locations, numbering one thousand four races, passing through thirteen tracks of varying complexity, You can enjoy realistic controls and vehicle behavior. It is through this hacked real drift car racing full version has broken all records and downloading was in the collection of almost every Android device owner and gamer. The reason for this was a number of unique features, none of which occupies a special place convenient control using the accelerometer, training mode, allows you to explore a variety of cars and tracks, as well as its main point of interest – excellent three-dimensional design, able to bestow any player. Is the game table and achievements, in which players will be able to exhibit their best achievements.

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Ski Safari: Adventure Time


Many of you have already noticed, that the market for mobile applications runners are a great success. You run, riding, Off the mountain, escaping from avalanches or monsters ... And the farther you drive, the more points you get. After the appearance of the game Ski Safari, which was performed in just this style, Company Cartoon Network decided to do a similar project, but at the same time bringing something to their. And there was a game Ski Safari: Adventure Time, made based on the well-known cartoon series "Adventure Time".

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The Survivor: Rusty Forest


The Survivor Rusty Forest – one of the most popular games of survival, which offers you to try on the role of man, forced to save his life in the world, the entire population of which destroy the zombies virusom.Igra The Survivor Rusty Forest is another parody of the popular game «Rust», but from all other attempts of its reincarnation it differs original game mechanics.

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Minecraft – Pocket Edition


Just recently, for those, who can not imagine life without building games, referred to as the "sandbox", was presented a special version of Minecraft, created to embody the gaming world on smartphones, equipped with the popular Android platform. The main creators of this version of the game was the team Mojang AB, which embodied the ideas of the famous Marcus Person.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition - is one of the most famous games for Android, that came with the PC almost unchanged. You will find complete freedom and the whole world, easy to bend under the pick and fantasy. Let everything is made of cubes, but randomly generated maps are always different scenic beauty: high mountains, seas, bright sun, sandy beaches and more, that pleases the eye.

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Heroes of Might & Magic III HD


Ubisoft has at the end of last year reported, that it plans to release a version of the game Heroes of Might & Magic III in high resolution. Recall, this game in the genre of turn-based strategy was first published in January 1999 year and became a cult. As expected, today, 29 January, graduation of HD-version of the game, which was called “Might and Magic. Heroes III: Restoration of Erathia. HD Edition”. According to the creators of the game, Fifteen years later, fans “Heroes” will meet again with the Queen Catherine Ironfist, which should unite the peoples of their homeland, war-torn, and to regain the kingdom of Erathia.

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