How to use the application Vkusomaniya, to keep warm on a winter evening.


Not immediately say, I am not a regular customer of the ABC of Taste, but sometimes I like to look in shop, that happily greets me at the exit of the subway and inviting home to buy products of the highest quality, surely, best of, that can be found in Moscow. Just a month ago, I downloaded the app in the App Store Vkusomaniya and quickly found it excellent application. Therefore, with you I would like to share a positive experience of its use.

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Bang With Friends – More Than Friends

Remember a few months ago, let us make noise service Bang With Friends, inconsistent application for Facebook, offers aside extra social rituals and look among your friends as, who agree to do sex with you? At first it seemed a joke, then - lingering joke. But, seems, all seriously. A week ago, the authors Bang With Friends sort of attracted investment of $1 million, today released the official mobile version.

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Whether you love comics?

I, to be honest, not too understand all this “comic theme”. That, I watched a lot of movies on comics, but they themselves somehow never felt delight. But here's the Google play appeared application (in the Apple iTunes it appeared much earlier) "NARR8". This is what is written in the description to it on Google Play:

NARR8 - a new word in the world of mobile applications, blur the boundaries between the book and TV series.
NARR8 - more, than an e-book. All series are filled with animation, sounds and music, HD-special effects and interactive elements, allows you to interact with what is happening on the screen.

In principle, The description says all important. Looks great, I even looked at some “comic series”. And, probably, look (read) yet.

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Russian Guide - your guide to cultural and entertainment capital of the area

In September 2012 year, the market for mobile applications, a new product from the development team RNG GroupRussian Guide. This search - navigation service for cultural and entertainment life of the capital, taking into account the most important needs of the user – to-date information here and now in close proximity to your location.

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