Skype ispravlet work in a Windows environment 8 Release Preview

An updated version of Skype 5.9 for Windows. Update fixes some bugs, that could occur during the commission calls under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Users of the program can make video calls in Full HD. You will need a webcam appropriate level, such as Logitech C920, as well as high-speed Internet connection (not less 2 Mbit / c). During video calls can now take screenshots hotkey.

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Manage Windows 8 using iPad

Splashtop known application of the eponymous company, designed for remote computer management with iOS- or Android-devices, recently received support for Windows 8. This is one of the most popular applications on iTunes: it is a list of 25 most sold, in spite of its value $50.

Currently Splashtop for shares offered for purchase on iTunes for $25 named Win8 Metro Testbed. In an accompanying description of the software product is marked, there is no reason to buy Windows-tablet for more than $1000, to meet with a touch environment Metro - provides the full functionality of the app Win8 Metro Testbed. However, for that still need a PC running Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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Alcohol – powerful emulator CD / DVD / BD-ROM drive

A new version of the powerful emulator CD / DVD / BD-ROM drive Alcohol 120%. The program creates on your hard drive the PC user image data, audio or video information, and then provides access to these data to other programs as, if the desired disk is in the drive. Alcohol 120% supports many formats of CD / DVD-image, has the ability to work with 31 to simultaneously, provide a disproportionately large (compared to CD) data transfer rate between the application and read the disc. There is support for the Russian language. Alcohol 52% - This is the lite version, which has some features.

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To return a "Start" button in Windows 8

I'm sure many users Remember statement about Microsoft, that in the final build of Windows 8 there will be no "Start" button. The presence of this element of the desktop has become customary since Windows 95.

Return usual buttons in the Windows interface 8 possible, To do this, use the app Classic Shell, which is designed to return to Windows 7 and Vista features from earlier versions of Windows. A few days ago was released the updated version of Classic Shell, supports the "eight", can now return Windows 8 Customer Preview classic look of Windows.

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Windows Phone 8 Apollo will be compatible with older applications Windows Phone 7

Very important news posted on his official blog of the development team of the mobile operating system Microsoft Windows Phone - any previously created applications for Windows Phone 7 “will” and on the new Windows Phone 8 Apollo.

This novsti will please both application developers - they do not need to be ported previously created program on a new operating system, and existing owners of Windows Phone smartphones - as developers continue to release games and applications for “old” Windows Phone 7, without waiting for the release Apollo.

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Windows Phone SDK runs under Windows 8

Immediately after the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview оказалось, that developers can not run it under Windows Phone SDK. Now came a fresh release of SDK version 7.1.1. He already works with Windows 8. Officially, the truth, there is still no support and is, what happened can be called a trial version. But it is still better, than nothing.

Such interest is not surprising, since ideally all applications for Windows Phone should work under Windows 8. That Is Why, no wonder, developers rushed to check it. Moreover, partially confirmed rumors, that some applications for Windows 8 will be able to run on Windows Phone.

App store Windows Phone Marketplace has more than 80.000 applications

To be precise, now in the Windows Phone Marketplace has 82 234 apps. Above them are working a total of more than 20 thousands of developers. Microsoft is making the application approval process as possible operational. The blog also reported, that since the start of the service more 9 thousands of programs were rejected for various reasons.

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