PixelPhone PRO


Smartphones running the Android operating system today is a truly versatile tool for work with a wide variety of applications and solutions widest range of applications. Nonetheless, main, fundamental purpose of smartphones continue to be calls.

That is why the application for making calls today are among the most popular, and developers continue their improvement. Interestingly, Many third-party software solutions have significantly outpaced the standard "dialer", used by manufacturers of smartphones, which are also trying to develop their applications.

One of the most popular call manager for the Android platform is considered to be an application PixelPhone PRO. The solution has an extremely flexible interface, able to satisfy any desire to set up.

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Cleaner Booster Pro


Cleaner Booster Pro – Cleaner android by debris with the ability to speed up games. Extend the battery life of your devaysa due to stop unnecessary processes of programs, thereby reducing memory consumption. Besides all this,, You can easily clean the old messages, browser history and logs incoming and outgoing calls. Delete games and programs without a trace of excess files. And that's just a little of the above features.

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Function WhatsApp Calls can be announced in the near future

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It has been quite some time since we first heard about the upcoming appearance of the voice calls in the mobile messenger WhatsApp. In September, the network appeared the first rumors, that in the popular WhatsApp Messager will feature voice calls Voice Calling. In October, the developers said, that the introduction of VoIP function is delayed until next year because of the technical difficulties on single-step introduction of options on all smartphones in all regions of the world.

Unfortunately, so far the exact date of launch WhatsApp Calls reliably do not already know. However, after the last update one Reddit user posted a screenshot from your smartphone, which is visible folder “WhatsApp Calls”, that alludes to the active development of new option and gives hope for early announcement.

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Following the HTC One (M8), The original HTC One got an upgrade to Android OS 4.4.3

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After the OS update for the smartphone HTC One (M8), HTC has released Android 4.4.3 KitKat for last year's flagship One. Warning of the possibility to update received from the owners of HTC One Slovakia and Romania. With the rise of the assembly version to Android 4.4.3 KitKat devices get security fixes and other characteristic features of Android version 4.4.4. Therefore, the next version of the operating system, which will be sent to users HTC, may become narrower Android L. Its release will take place before the end of this year.

Size of Android updates 4.4.3 KitKat (build number 6.09.401.5) for HTC One is 550 MB. The update also includes updates for some standard programs from HTC: Camera, Galleries and Sync Manager application.

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Google Keyboard Update to version 1.1

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Google initiative for the separation of applications for different operating systems is paying off. But while there are many applications for old (to ICS OS versions). Android keyboard has been one of the most successful, it allowed many users to abandon third-party applications. Although a list of changes of the new version of the keyboard is not too large and, the latest release shows clear benefits broader strategy Google.

Although, that additions and corrections are not many, They welcome, as always. Fixed some bugs and improved stability of the application. The function of a long press on the top row of letters, allowing you to access the phonebook, previously available only for smartphones, now works on all devices. Moreover, external dictionaries may now be loaded (in the official list of changes it is not mentioned), and the keyboard layout has been set up to better support different languages.

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Google Play for the first time surpassed the Apple App Store on the number of downloads

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The study showed, conducted App Annie Index, Google Play App Store for the first time surpassed by the number of downloaded applications for the quarter. It is not a small advantage – in the second quarter 2013 years ahead of rival Google Play by as much as 10%.

App store for Android showed much more progress, than expected by analysts, but apparently it's just because, that devices running Android much more. Wherein, despite the lower number of downloads, App Store has received much more money – in 2,3 times, than the application store Google.

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