Google Play will begin selling movies

Online shop Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, will begin selling movies. Now users of the service can only borrow movies for rent.
Sale starts summer movies 2012 year, CNET News reports, citing sources, familiar with the plans Google. The company itself has yet to reveal plans in this respect. According to one informant CNET News, organize the sale of films from Hollywood studios demanded Google, with whom the company has signed contracts.

Under “renting” meant, that the film is available for a limited time. User, generally, required to view the reel for 30 days from the date of payment, and for 24 hours from the start of play. Having bought the film, the user can store and watch it as many, as desired.

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iGeny: How Steve Jobs Changed the World

There are people, which have an amazing view of things: they are able to see the genius in the ordinary, thereby changing the surrounding reality. Steve Jobs was just such a man, and in memory of him is a Discovery Channel documentary program "iGeny: Steve Jobs changed the world ".

You will see, as the idea of ​​Steve helped our civilization become better, and how they have made a real revolution in various fields – from IT and science to music, video and communication. Look program Discovery Channel «iGeny: Steve Jobs changed the world ", and learn, one ordinary extraordinary genius made familiar.

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