Yann Tiersen – Rhyme of another summer

Of the applications in the App Store, you can collect the whole orchestra: here you and guitar, and piano, and drums, and a variety of DJ mixers. The Internet was even a group, who performed their songs on mere iPhones, but pass by this new video, I could not, because I love the movie “Amelie from Montmartre” and in particular is amazing soundtrack by Yann Tiersen.


And let the singer out of tune, but still it does not detract from the love of track Rhyme of another summer.

[FAQ] This reflective dock on the iPhone without Kate

Many people want to have a long reflective dock without tension and third-party programs, such as Kate etc. A normal image instead of the dock is inconvenient, tk. under the permutation of such icons dock looks ugly. Question reflective dock took Sakurina. She took a java-script reflection and based on it created a mod for Winterboard, who learned on the fly to create different reflective docks.

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