Lemegeton – game in the genre of RPG for android

Choose a hero to taste and start the amazing adventures. You are waiting for hazardous areas, enemies and deadly battle. Large selection of weapons and armor will win any battle, of course if you do master and fight! And you do not travel to nowhere, and in particular a mysterious ghost town! And in the way of your will be a lot of demons, ghosts, ghosts, monsters, etc..

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Sale on Google Play – 75% OFF

In celebration of reaching the mark in 25 billion downloads in the Play Store is declared a 5-day sale applications and games with more discounts 75%.

Today you can just 7.77 rubles to buy:

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The Bard’s Tale – new 3D role-playing game for Android

The Bard’s Tale - One of the projects, gave rise to the modern role-playing games, that we used to see this day. It all began back in 1985 year with the release of the original studio Interplay, known for the Fallout series and Baldur's Gate. B 2004 year there was a remake of the original, which appeared in the Diablo-style, but with a much better storyline and gameplay, and at the end 2011'ogo a version for the iPad. Now, this full-scale massive 3D epic role-playing game, is optimized for NVIDIA Tegra!

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